Monday, March 17, 2008

Scott's Oriole Stops By

Yesterday while I was busy typing away in the den Gus called me from the kitchen to say there was a really pretty bird he had never seen before out in the backyard. I quickly got up and rounded the corner to see. Grabbing my ever ready binoculars I stared flabbergasted at the bird sitting in the mesquite tree. I told him to grab his camera for I knew it was an oriole, but what kind? He picked up the camera, changed lenses, focused on the bird and just as he was about to snap, it flew over the wall and away. I, with the binoculars snapped at him, with the camera, "What took you so long! What were you waiting for?" Of course, I quickly apologized saying, "You realize I'm just excited and frustrated." My ever patient husband understood.

However, it soon came back and he was able to get quite a few good shots. Over 100 in fact. All were taken from inside the house through the windows. Some are milkier than others due to the reflection of light. We watched the oriole drink nectar from the hummingbird feeder, and eat suet along with the Gila woodpeckers. I remembered hearing about people putting oranges out for the orioles, so I sliced one in half and wedged it onto the wrought iron bird hook. but silly me, it wasn't until today when I was entering yesterday's bird count into eBird that I discovered this was a new life bird for me!
New for me, new for Arizona, and new for Sycamore Canyon! I haven't seen a sign of it today, but what a treat yesterday was! A ray of sunshine in a stormy day when temps dipped into the low 40's and we had rain, hail, sleet and even snow. Today the Santa Ritas are sugar coated once again, but with temps rising by 10 degrees each day for the next 2 to 3 days, we will soon be back into the 80's once again. We are in the midst of See-saw weather. This should last for about a month.


Beth said...

What a thrill that must have been--he's just beautiful. The pictures came out really well, you must have very clean windows.

Naturegirl said...

A mequite tree sounds familiar to me now that I am vacationing in sunny Arizona Scottsdale area to be exact! I am trying to capture the birds on film but they are playing shy with me..not as easy as capturing butterflies I think!!
Your photos is wonderful..great capture!
Sunkissed a nature lover gal from the great white NORTH! NG

Kathie Brown said...

Beth, they only look that way until the sun shines through! It was quite a thrill and I can't beleive I didn't realize I was seeing a lifer until today!

Nature Girl, thanks for stopping by. You have a very nice blog. Love the purple passion! Enjoy Scottsdale! My velvet mesquite is a native tree and decidous. It is just starting to put out it's tiny new leaves. I'm eager to see it stat to grow as we just planted it last summer!

thepowerguides said...

Great Photos we get a few orioles during the summer and the color is truly stunning , we do put out Orange halves but need to be changed quite often or they become infested with ants

What a great treat to liven up an otherwise dull day


bookbabie said...

Oh wonderful pictures, what a pretty little bird:)

Mary said...


See-saw weather indeed! Soon to be consistent.

Congratulations on your lifer. I'd love to see a Baltimore Oriole who migrates just west of me. Oh, well.

What a great photo! Your oranges are so nicely displayed for the fruit lovers.

I've been very agitated with my photo attempts - not at my husband who never touches a camera - but with my dogs who rush past me through the doorway and flush the birds right out of sight!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Isn't it just a 'rush' to see a new bird, let alone a BEAUTIFUL one like that. I am so glad I can live through fellow bloggers to enjoy what I don't experience in my backyard. Wonderful shots, Kathie!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

WOW! What a stunning beauty! I want one!!! :) Your pictures are gorgeous.

Mary said...

Oh, what a beautiful oriole! I've never seen an oriole, but they are on my "wish list". Beautiful.

Patrice said...

What a treat! I can imagine your delight.

Texas Travelers said...

Congratulations on the lifer.

Larry said...

Wow! What a great visitor to have and great photos to go along with it!

Kathie Brown said...

Powerguides, so far the ants aren't bugging me, but it probably won't be long before they do. However, the birds devoured that orange before there was time for any other creatures to get to it!

Bookbabie, it is pretty, isn't it? Glad you liked it.

Mary, I can just see them dashing out the door and you trying to maintain your balance! Hah! Well, stay on your feet and keep taking those lovely photos for all of us! Don't let those dogs get you down!

Aunt B, it's true. I not only get to share the places I love, but I get to see everyone else's world also. Much better than TV I must say!

Sandpiper, It is a stunning bird and I can't believe I didn't realize I was seeing a lifer until I eBirded it. I suppose that is due to the fact that we have so many varieties of orioles out here that I thought I saw one last year at the Sonoran Desert Musuem, but that one was a Hooded Oriole. I've also seen Bullock's oriole when I lived in Utah as well as a Baltimore oriole when I lived on the east coast! And, there are still more to see!

Mary, perhaps you will get that wish this year. If you are still in AZ, try Boyce Thompson Arboretum or the Sonoran Desert Museam. Both are excellent locations for them.

Patrice, delight, shock, surprise, serendipity: all. Yep. It was great!

Thank you Troy.

Larry, thank you also. Thank Gus he finally got the shot! (So easy to say when I'm not the one holding the camera! Hah!)