Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My World is a World of Bird Art

Gambel's Quail 3-3-09 by Kathiesbirds

MY World is a world of chance encounters. It’s a world where anything can happen and frequently does. By chance Gus and I stopped by Civano Nursery Saturday to look at trees and buy some plants. By chance I found out about an Artisan’s Fair they are having this coming weekend and in a bold and foolish move, I signed up to be a vendor! I have never done anything like this before, and I have hardly any paintings, but I decided to take the chance!

Gilded Flicker 6-22-08 by Kathiesbirds

My World is a world of birds that come to my feeders and wander my yard looking for seed after a Sunday night rain. In my world of birds I see color and life and patterns, patterns that translate to pictures and pictures waiting to become art. How can I tell you how the birds make me feel, how they make me smile even when I am in pain from the dentist, or concerned about the economy? After Sunday night’s rain the Gambel’s Quail wander the block wall searching for food and I smile. When the Gilded Flickers come and hang from my feeders with their large beaks and heart shaped wings I see the shapes and patterns and I see beauty and art.

Colors and Patterns by Kathiesbirds

In My World of birds and patterns I have turned my kitchen into an art studio, for it is the only place I have to paint. So paint brushes and canvases lay side by side with fruit bowls and coffee pots while colors whirl in my head with the Doubts and Questions: Am I good enough, am I good enough, will anyone buy my art? Can I create enough in a week?

Kitchen Art Studio 3-3-09

I must be crazy to try this, but, what the heck; life is all a risk anyhow. Every day the birds risk their lives to live. Who knows when the hawk will drop from above? But, in the meantime I will fly like the lark into the sky and sing my sprit song of feathers and colors and patterns. Feathered Joy. Flicker Love. Vermillion Flycatcher Sky. Fractured Blue.

It’s all a swirl of colors, patterns and life.

Vermillion Flycatcher Sky and Flicker Love by Kathiesbirds

So, I’m off to the craft store today for more canvases and paints. My stomach is all a flutter with anticipation and desire. If you don’t hear from me all week, it’s because I’m listening to the bird song in my head and out my door and I’m covered in paint.

Kitchen table/art studio 3-3-09

Stop by Civano Nursery on Houghton Rd in Tucson this Saturday and Sunday March 14th and 15th from 9 to 4 if you want to say Hi. I’ll have Bird Art for sale along with what’s left of the Prickly Pear Jelly I made last summer. I even had business cards made up from the photograph below.

Thanks Carla at Gaslight Printers!

Bird Tribes Art by Kathiesbirds


Shelley said...

Kathie - you are so talented!! I love your art and how exciting that you have decided to move forward with selling it!! If I lived by you I would definitely come visit. I am partial to the flicker! :) You are definitely good enough!! (i asked myself this question when I decided to open my online nature store - and I decided what the heck, let's see!)By the way - you should sell online too!

Kathie Brown said...

Shellmo, I have considered it, but one step at a time for me! I need to design a web page first and learn how to use Ebay! Thank you for your encouragement!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Best of luck Kathie! I admire your jumping in. Can't wait to hear how the weekend goes.

Mariz said...

Enjoyed your post, the photos are great...the first one is my favorite. All the best to your new endeavor!

Hope to see you peeking in at my world HERE

Anonymous said...

You have a very special technique all of your own, but then so did Monet, Van Gogh, Constable and Turner.

Max said...

Good luck at the artisan fair! I have been toying with the idea of doing something similar if I can decide on a medium and stick with it.
Love the heart-shaped flicker wings!

Carole said...

This is a great glimpse into your world. What a great post! Your work is very colorful and so original.

bobbie said...

Loved this post! Your art is fantastic! Wish you all the best in your new enterprise.

Deborah Godin said...

Utterly charming! I hope you are encouraged by friends, family, strangers - your work is a delight!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

Oh I have not seen a Gambel's Quail it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Lilli & Nevada said...

what a great job. so talented

Gaelyn said...

Wow Kathie, bold move. Very fun art! Wish it wasn't such a far drive. But I'd buy jelly for sure. Great photo for your bussiness card. Love the Bird Tribes.

Good luck this weekend. You go girl!

Ruth said...

I like your bold designs and colours!

Valeriannah said...

Good luck with your booth. I've done several crafts and artisan fairs. I have always enjoyed my time at it. I know how ya feel about the website. I've pretty much dropped everything to work on my web portfolio, as it had become long overdue for an update and overhaul.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

i love your bird tribes...and i commend you for taking the leap and participating in the art fair.
i wish you success.

have a wonderful weekend.


Kathie Brown said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I've been painting like crazy and I've decided to turn some of my photos into bird refrigerator magnets! We'll see how that goes. I am so tired and I still have so much to do. Plus, to make things even more interesting, Gus hired a contractor to finish the irrigation system to the back yard. They are here today so my house is a mess and so is my yard! Thank you all for stopping by to say hi to me. I will be around to vist all of you on Monday , if not sooner!

Texas Travelers said...

Great post.
Love the art.
Terrific designs.

W O W !

Keep it up, but don't forget to take walks, make some of your fantastic photos, and smell the Roses

Troy and Martha

Heather said...

I love your artwork Kathie. Very creative, and the bold colors really catch the eye.