Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adams Family Road Race 2009

Yes, the Adams Family Road Race happened last night. After a mostly clear day the rain started as we were at the starting line. It rained the whole time we were running and stopped when we were done. Does the sky have a vendetta against us? I don't know.

As for me, I did my usual walk/jog thing and tried to focus on the race. All along the route I could hear birdsong. I had to try to ignore it and I did keep on running, walking, and thinking. As usual I was last and two of my brothers came and found me and accompanied me to the finish line. It's nice to be loved, isn't it!

Thanks Stephen and Chris!

For full race results and photos click here: Adams Road Race

I'm off to Maine next and won't have Internet access so it may be awhile before you hear from me. It's a good 9 hour drive to Presque Isle. I hope to do some birding inbetween visiting family and sometimes with family!


Carol said...

The family road race sounds like fun.

Have a great trip..will be waiting for photos

Anonymous said...

Well Kathie, at least you were use to the rain. {:)

Dawn Fine said...

Glad you are having a good time in New england..sorry about the rain!

Did you do the walk pigeon toed?
I think i would have tried it! tee hee..

Gaelyn said...

Nice family outing. Have a great time in Maine. Look forward to pics and reading about it.

abb said...

Hope your Maine trip is rain-free, but I wouldn't bet on it! Enjoy yourself!

Quiet Paths said...

I really like the idea of a family road race. Cool! Have a marvelous trip. Maine oooo, I'm jealous.

Larry said...

it sounds like the Adams family like to run. Are you all going to run up to Maine together-That would be impressive and probably make the paper.-Hope you have a good time there-Maine is one of my favorite states.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Fun!!! race with family is so fun and looking forward those photos.
Now and Then

Kathie Brown said...

Carol, the family road race was fun, though I am the slowpoke of the family. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Roy, I guess my trip to West Virginia was just a warm up for CT!

Dawn, I walk pigeon-toed all the time; it's my natural state. However, the EXTREME pigeon-toed walk you are talking about would have made my time even slower! I'll save that for when I meet you!

Gaelyn, I was so busy doing I had little time for writing. Now I am back and trying to catch up. I hope the pics and stories don't disapoint!

TS annie, you don't know how I wished I could have stopped by for a glass of wine and a chance to meet you! Maybe next year. I didn't see anyone other than family and a couple of long time friends. This trip was jam-packed and too short!

Quiet Paths, Maine is gorgeous, even in the rain.

Larry, only Mom and I went to Maine where we saw my son and grandchildren. It was a long drive but well worth it, though it took 6 days out of my 2 week trip. It rained for all of them, but I did see some good birds. If you ever head up that way, I can give you some good tips on where to look, though you are quite good and finding places yourself!

Mary Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. It was a fun 2 weeks and over way too soon.

Celeste said...

Kathie, I just love the image of you jogging along and trying not to stop and look at birds :) You most definitely are a lady after my own heart!