Thursday, January 21, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Who Has Seen the Wind?

Trees bent in the wind 1-21-10

Flags flying in the wind 1-21-10

Dust Storm 1-21-10

It is always a challenge to photograph wind. In fact, you cannot do it. However, you can photograph its effects and so as the wind gusts to over 60 MPH I set out this afternoon between 3 and 4 PM MST to see what I could see. The wind buffeted me and my car as I tried to take pictures. When I got out of the car, it sandblasted me. But it was all so dramatic and exciting! A storm is blowing in and we should have rain overnight.

These winds are in front of the storms that are drenching California right now. They are so powerful that a tornado warning has gone up for Pinal County for tonight. The birds seem to know a storm is coming for they have been all over my bird feeders all day long but as I drive about the neighborhood I don't see many birds. Unless they are at a food source, the birds are staying down.

The wind like this always makes me think of a poem I learned as a child. I am sure many of you will recall it also. It is a simple poem, but I still like it and I think it applies to this post today.

Who Has Seen the Wind?
By Christina Rossetti

Who has seen the wind
Neither I nor you:
but when the leaves hang trembling
the wind is passing thro'
Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I
but when the trees bow down their heads
the wind is passing by.

Skywatch Friday


Tara R. said...

The sandstorm in your last photo is amazing. Nature can be both fascinating and frightening.

Larry D said...

Wonderful idea, great photos!

Sylvia K said...

Hadn't heard/read that poem in a long time and you're right, it's perfect for your post today. Great photos! I have to admit that I'm not fond of wind -- grew up in a small west Texas town where sandstorms were the norm. But it is an awesome power! Have great weekend, Kathie, don't get blown away!!


Girl Tornado said...

That sandstorm shot is awesome... but so are the other photos due to the deep blue skies you have there!

My mom lives in Cottonwood, up near Sedona... not sure what county that is but I'm thinking you lived further south?

At any rate, be safe and try to stay dry! ;)

Carolyn Ford said...

I really like the last photo here! Wow! The dust, clouds and glorious!

Megan, Life Revamped said...

lovely poem...

have a great day and a fab weekend ahead!

Come on over and watch my piece of sky with me!


eileeninmd said...

Lovely poem. It is neat that the birds know before us when a storm is coming. I have seen my feeders become very popular before storms too. Your photos are all wonderful, the first and last shots are my favorites.

bobbie said...

A charming little poem.

Your pictures are wonderful. You did a great job of "capturing" the wind.

Anonymous said...

I think your right about the birds knowing when storms are coming Kathie. I have noticed them diving for deep cover in bushes etc prior to the arrival of a storm.

abb said...

I must have been blown away in a former life - I HATE wind. Scares me to death.

MJ said...

Haunting image of the trees bending in the wind. Really love your blog and your birding list. (We were just visiting AZ from WI & finally got down to Tucson on this trip - see my Jan. 8 photo. Such a beautiful area.) Keep up the great work. :-)

Anonymous said...

60 mph winds! I don't doubt you were buffeted and sandblasted. Wow!

Arija said...

There are so many sides to the wind from its gentle breath to the raging storm winds. Great captures Kathie.

Dawn Fine said...

Great poem and photos to go with it.
We are now in Picacho peak area..getting to Tucson tommorow..
We felt those winds yesterday as they pushed Homey around.
Will be getting a bunch of bloggers/ birders/ tweeters together in Feb sometime..not sure when..need to speak to all interested, Sheri williamson of Sabo and a few others on the list.
hope to see u 2!

Gaelyn said...

Nice job of capturing the effects of the wind. I tried that yesterday also but didn't get brave enough to go outside in it. Our house shook all night long and now we have snow. Love the poem.

Celeste said...

Ah the wonderful anticipation of a rain storm approaching when you live in a dry place, I remember that. Could you smell the rain in the air when you went out?