Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alert: Robins and Rain in Sycamore Canyon!

American Robin in backyard mesquite tree 2-3-10

Over night a gentle rain fell. I stumbled to the kitchen and went to open the drapes but stopped. Was I dreaming? Was I really seeing this? I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my bins. I could see the orange breast, but perhaps it was a bluebird. We've been seeing lots of those this winter, though none in Sycamore Canyon. But no, this looked like a Robin. It is a robin! A robin in Sycamore Canyon! Wow! I have never seen one in Tucson, never mind Sycamore Canyon. That makes it species number 86 on the Sycamore Canyon Bird List which you can see by scrolling down the side bar. While robins are common in every other state I have lived in, for me, they are a rare bird here! I have only seen one one other time in this state, and that was November 6, 2007 in Madera Canyon.

I watched the pretty thing perched in my bare mesquite tree with gray skies and steady rain. I open the door a crack and thrust my lens out. Snap, snap! I hear it chirp! However, it doesn't sound cheerful, more like a question. The robin flies up higher in the tree and turns its back to me. I watch through the patio door and turn on the tea kettle and the light over the stove. Apparently the light frightens the bird and it flies away to the north. So, if you live in Tucson be on the lookout, a robin is headed your way!

For now, we have Robins and Rain here in Sycamore Canyon. I plan on spending the day blogging. It's time to get my Big January Wrap-up posted.

And that's....


Dawn Fine said...

Howdie Kathie,
Robins talk about Robins..Well we were out on a bird walk this morning with a group at Catalina state park..
We saw at least 15 was surprising as well..
I was hoping to see the Rufous backed Robin we saw several years ago here but no go... that you have them also.

Gaelyn said...

I have rarely seen Robins here either. Isn't this suppose to be a sign of spring?

Kathie Brown said...

Dawn, Robins are so rare around here for me and I have never yet seen the rufous-backed but I would love to!

Gaelyn, yes, robins are suppose to be a sign of spring in the east but in the west I have been told the meadowlark is our spring bird.

Beth Niquette said...

Abe is right! Your work is amazing. WOW!

Mary said...

My sister in Tucson said she had Robins and a bunch of Bluebirds in her backyard. She doesn't usually see either one there. Interesting that you had them, too.