Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dark Beauty


Tall trees in a tangle

where a creeks flows in springtime

running dry in the summer

there in the thicket

in the dark blue shade

the red tanager hides

elusive as a memory

of beauty.

Deep in the shadows

it appears as a dark silhouette until

a shaft of sunlight falls

brightly illuminating

that which I am pursuing

and then I remember

why I am here.

~Kathiesbirds (3-9-2010)


DSC_0040 Hepatic Tanager at Patagonia Lake SP 3-5-10


bobbie said...

So beautiful.

Kathie Brown said...

Thanks Bobbie! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Dawn Fine said...


Kathie Brown said...

Thanks Dawn! The full story is yet to come! We did so much it took me 4 posts (including this one)to get it all in!

Anonymous said...

Perfect Kathie.

Arija said...

Kathie, you are a wonder of a woman and I love you and your work dearly. I hope you do not mind that I put your lovely poem on my blog....Renee has left us.
Sad for those of us who loved her but at least she no longer suffers.

Love and hugs, Arija

Kathie Brown said...

Thanks Roy!

Arija, I am so sorry about Renee and so glad that you liked my poem!

Larry said...

Beautiful poem! I think it takes courage to write words like that.