Monday, April 21, 2008

How I Discovered A Poem in My Pocket

I carried a poem in my pocket,
but first it started inside,
as a feeling rolling around
In the dust of my vacant mind
where it collected adjectives and adverbs
to go with the numerous nouns
until it burst from my brain in the morning
and spilled all these words on the ground!
I used this blank piece of paper
To wipe the mess from the floor
Then I stuffed this poem in my pocket
before I walked out the door.

I wrote this poem today after reading Bobbie's post about A Poem in Your Pocket Day. I missed the actual "pocket day", but here's my contribution to Nationl Poetry Month and all of my fellow bloggers, especially Patrice and other lovers of words!


jalynn01 said...

That was a GREAT poem. I love it! Great job Kathie! Thanks for sharing.

Pappy said...

Nice poem Kathie.

Doug Taron said...

That was nice, All I have in my pocket is lint.

Texas Travelers said...

Ditto the lint.

Nice poem.

My brother is the poet.

Have a great week,
Troy and Martha

bobbie said...

I love this poem, Kathie. No matter if it's late. Poetry should be an every day thing, don't you think?

Kathie Brown said...

Thank you jalynn and Texican.

Doug, Troy and martha, time to put something mor einteresting in those pockets, at least a toad or a lizard or something!

Bobbie, so glad you liked my poem. It was truly inspired from your web page and the "Poem in Your Pocket" link. I was reading all about it and as I started to move away from the page the words just came to me. I opned up Microsoft word and typed it out before they slipped away! Thank you for the inspiration!