Friday, April 25, 2008

Skywatch Friday


They huff and puff across the sky
The children sit and wonder why
White and fluffy cotton balls
Ice cream castles, snowy halls,
And then the wind gets mad one day
It turns the clouds the color gray
It pours the cold rain down on them,
They sit and wonder if again,
White cloud ships will huff and puff
On pink and blue and all that stuff.
~Kathie circa 1970
Skywatch Friday is hosted by Old Tom wiggly of Wigger's World. To see other participating Blogs, just click on the link. Our own Troy and Martha of Ramblings Around Texas are regular participants.


Anonymous said...

A perfect poem for a gorgeous photo!
photos & secrets

Daniel J Santos said...

Simple and beautiful, well done.

SandyCarlson said...

Beautiful poem and gorgeous photo!

Ramosforest.Environment said...

Thanks for
"They huff and puff across the sky
The children sit and wonder why..."
Special sky shot and poem.

duopastorale said...

Oooh lovely. Looking out of a plane?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Really nice clouds. I like your work.

Pernille said...

Congratulation with your first Sky Watch Friday-photo. You have a very nice photo and the poem is wonderful. Together it's perfect! Well done:)

Have a lovely weekend:)

Rose said...

I love your poem--fits the photo perfectly.

bobbie said...

lovely cloud picture and once again a delightful poem.

Unknown said...

Beautiful poem and an amazing sky photo!

John Theberge said...

Lovely cloud photo. In one of my earlier posts, you mentioned you did not know what the foil fill technique was. It's where I use aluminum foil taped to a piece of cardboard to reflect like back onto the subject. I use it on close ups to add light to the shadowed side of the subject. It would've worked well on the cactus photos you posted.

jalynn01 said...

Your poem filled my mind with lovely pictures and thoughts. Thanks! The picture ain't bad either, Kathy! Great Skywatch post.

Amila Salgado said...

Lovely Poem!
I bet you do limericks too!

Petunia said...

Great poem and love your picture:)
Petunia's ABC

Kathie Brown said...

Quintarantino, thank you for visiting and for your comment.

Daniel, much appriciated!

Sandy, I'm glad you liked the poem as well. It's lived in my heart (and an old journal)for a long time!

Ramosforest, see above. It applies to you too! Thanks for stopping by!

Mike, no, this photo was taken with my feet firmly on the ground here in Sycamore Canyon!

Abe Lincoln, Well, thank you very much! That's really nice to hear.

Pernille's ting og tang, I hope to participate again. Thank you!

Rose, thank you!

Bobbie, how nice to see you again. I'm glad you liked them both!

John, thank you for your kind words and for coming to visit my blog.

Johntheberge, wow! That's great info. I'm sure Gus will appreciate knowing that also. Thank you for answering my question.

jaylynn01, I'm glad you could feel my poem. That is always what I hope to achieve. Thank you for telling me.

Yes, Gallisica, I do. Perhaps one will show up here one day, or in my new Kathies Poet Tree Blog I've just started just for art and poems.

Petunia's ABC, Thank you for visiting my Blog.

Kerri Farley said...

Fabulous skywatch shot and the poem is PERFECT!