Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rosemont Mine Alert!

View of the Rosemont Valley from Scenic Highway 83 by Kathiesbirds

For those of you concerned about the Proposed Rosemont Open Pit Copper Mine there are some important meetings happening in the area tomorrow and next week:

Thursday, November 13:

Attend this important meeting with Carie Fox, Mediator hired by the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, Thursday, November 13 at 6:00pm, at Empire High School, 10701 E. Maryann Cleveland Way, Vail (Head south on Houghton from Tucson, turn east on Maryann Cleveland way, Head north on Houghton from Corona de Tucson, turn east on Maryann Cleaveland Way). Carie Fox will present her design ideas for the citizen working groups which will contribute to the analysis of public comments that have been received by the U.S. Forest Service in response to the proposed Rosemont Mine.

Sierra Vista Ranger District - Patagonia Mountains November 13, Thursday 4:00-­ 7:00 pm Buena High School Commons Area 5225 East Buena School Blvd., Sierra Vista

Monday, November 17, 4:00 -7:00 pm Nogales Ranger District - Santa Rita Mountains Esplendor Resort, Sonoran Ballroom, 1069 Camino Caralampi, Rio Rico

Please visit for more information and the latest updates and photos.


gina said...

this is gorgeous. don't we live in an amazingly beautiful country??!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie
Its a lovely area. The crux of the matter is, could the Mining Company safely move all the wild life, flora and fauna off the area, complete the copper mining project and then replace everything on an improved basis for the benefit of wildlife. (I would need a lot of convincing)

Anonymous said...

I had not read, seen or heard the word, Nogales, in ages. What memories it brings back.

Kathie Brown said...

Gina, yes we do and we need to keep sensitive areas like this protected. I live on the otherside of these mountains, but more importantly, so many birds and wildlife live right here and some are not found anywhere else! It's part of our national forest, and foreign mining companies should not be allowed to come in and destroy our National Forests!

Roy, the simple answer is no. Right now a lake called Pena Blanca down near Nogales and Rio Rico is being drained because of the mercury poisoning from mine runoff. They are dredging the lake in hopes of restoring it to it's former glory. But who is paying for all of this? Certainly not the mining companies who caused it!

Abe, we get to hear about those memories!