Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Boy

Xavier 4-14-09

I've spent three of the last six days in Coolidge with my grandson and four of the last six watching him. He will be one year old in a couple of days and we are celebrating his birthday this Saturday. Inbetween watching my grandson I have been birding like crazy with walks in the canyon, in my neighborhood, out to Las Cienegas, up in Coolidge, to the Casa Grande Ruins and at Picacho Peak, so yeah, that's why no one has heard from me! I have so many photos to process and so many stories to tell, yet I want to get around to visit all of you, so please be patient with me I am on my way! Here in Arizona there are so many migrants passing through an so many returning migrants it's hard to resit being outside watching them. I've added new species to the Sycamore Canyon Life List and my yard life list as well.

In ten days I will be leaving for the New River Birding Festival. After so much waiting it is finally almost here! I can hardly wait for the plane to land and start meeting so many new friends. I went a little crazy one day and wrote a bunch of limericks about it. Here's another one just for fun!

Come to New River Come
Where bloggers and Birders have fun
We’ll bird and we’ll blog
In a Cranberry Bog
Or Muddlety, High Country—Done!

And these are the bloggers I know of that are flocking to the New River Birding Festival in West Virginia:
Lynne of Hasty Brook

Now where did I put my suitcase...


bobbie said...

What a beautiful child Xavier is! You must be very proud of him and happy to be spending time with him.

Enjoy the festival!

Quiet Paths said...

Oh he is adorable! I bet you want to be outside; do it and take him with you!

Kathie Brown said...

Bobbie, thanks you on all counts!

Quiet paths, I do love being outside and I can bird watch and push a stroller at the same time! I'm already trying to get him to look through the bins!

Gaelyn said...

What fun Kathie, getting to enjoy your adorable grandson while sharing your passion. Someday he'll thank you for this.

Do enjoy the festival.

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie, I can't wait for my own grandkids to love and spoil:)

Allison said...

So bittersweet--this post of yours is for me. My Mom ADORED my two little ones--a grandmother's love is very special.

I do love Amston, truly truly.

Glad you like the widget!

Beth said...

He's a year old already? Well, for sure he is about the cutest little guy ever. I hope you enjoy your trip to New River. It sounded so tempting to me, but not this year. I hope you are coming to Maine this summer and you can take me birding again. But we won't go to lunch at the Boiler Room--not in business any more :-( Thanks for sharing the cute picture.

Mary said...

What a beautiful boy! Oooo, I love little toddlers :o)

Kathie, I'll be packing this weekend... Wahoo!

Kathie Brown said...

Gaelyn, Thank you. I do hope to enjoy the festival.

Bookbabie, I hope you get some soon!

Tutta la Storia, have you hiked the Airline trail?

Beth, I didn't think I would be able to come but now their is a possiblity. We will see. I'll keep you posted. So sorry to hear about the Boiler Room! It was one of my favorite places to eat! I'm sorry for the loss of jobs in Maine and for the loss of options and charm!

Mary, I think I will start also. I can't wait to see you in person!

Susan Gets Native said...

I love toddlers! They are so really good homemade ice cream!!!

I don't know when to start packing. I always say that I will start early, then every time, I am grabbing and stuffing as I walk out the door to start the trip!

DeniseinVA said...

What an adorable little grandson you have Kathie, I am sure he loved having his grandma to take care of him. Your trip to WV sounds wonderful!

Kathie Brown said...

Susan, as always, you crack me up! But, I agree with your comments! Why is it that we always say, "He/she is so cute I could just eat them up!" It sounds horrible but they are just too cute and delicious!

And, as far as packing goes, I'm with you, and though I will try to get a jump on it I am sure I will be doing the same thing, grabbing stuff as I run out the door, and I will STILL forget SOMETHING!

Denise, it is so great when he snuggles into my neck! The trip will be exciting and scary. I have never done this before!

Loran said...

What a handsome boy your grandson is!

Kathie Brown said...

Mountain Mama, Thanks!