Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Dusty Skys

4-14-09 @ 4:54 PM MST

4-14-09 @ 5:46 PM MST

This mountain sits across the valley from Picacho Peak. I visited the park on a sunny, but windy day 2 weeks ago. Though the sky was clear and blue when I arrived, the wind kicked up the dust and drove in the clouds, transforming the light on this mountain. From these two photos you can see the difference in just an hour's time. While the sun has sunk lower in the east (to my back) the dust filled sky makes the second photo grayer instead of rich with color like you usually see in the evening.

Springtime often brings high winds like this to Arizona. They can blow up dust storms even greater than this, called a Haboob. When that happens visibility drops to near zero and the best thing to do is to pull your car off the road and shut of all your lights. If you leave even your parking lights on the other traffic will think you are moving and slam into the back of your vehicle trying to follow you. This area around Picacho Peak and Casa Grande is well known for its dust storms. Check out the ADOT webpage for further information about driving in a Haboob.


Gaelyn said...

Never liked that southern AZ wind. Really sets my sinuses off. That dust can be deadly.

Deborah Godin said...

Endlessly fascinating, the movement of light, shadow, sky and wind arond that mountain!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Beautiful view either way. What a difference just an hour can make!

abb said...

I learned a new word! Interesting contrast in those two photos.

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Kathie & Gus,
This is my first visit to your blog. I love the stunning scenery. Oh so different to the Alps!

Happy birding

Girl Tornado said...

Beautiful views, with dust or without! But it is agreed that the colors are more vibrant in the first photo.

Jackie said...

That one hour certainly makes a difference in how your picture turned out. That first image makes the place look interesting.

Anonymous said...

Love checking in with your blog.... I lived in Arizona City years ago and then Casa Grande. Always saw Picacho Peak in the distance and drove past it many many times on I-10 on our way to visit family in Tucson. Love being reminded of the beauty of the desert. Thanks for sharing!

The Blue Ridge Gal

bobbie said...

I think mountains are so mysterious and beautiful. Your photos are always wonderful.