Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday: It's all about the Water

Blue Sky above Cienega Creek
as it flows through Davidson Canyon 12-13-07

Cienega Creek flowing under the train trestle 12-13-07

Cienega Creek flows down from Davidson Canyon as one of the only permanent streams here in the desert southwest. Home to birds and wildlife, it has been deemed an "Outstanding Water of Arizona." If either the Rosemont Mine or the Cal-Portland Cement and SEEL mines go in all their water run off will flow downstream, affecting this pristine natural area. Birds have used it as a home and a migratory stop off for ages. In a very short time it could be destroyed.

In the desert it is all about the water.

To find out how you can help contact: Empire Fagan Coalition


Gaelyn said...

Such a beautiful little creek. It must run bigger during the rains. Would be a total waste and shame to destroy. Fight those A....holes.

Jim said...

Nice shade of blue.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Louise said...

I hear you. I miss the water more than anything else. Here we don't even have little creeks. Yours are wonderful.

Janie said...

In the desert, you can't help but realize the power of water. Salt Creek in southern Utah is an area that Canyonlands park service finally closed to vehicles, keeping the area pristine. Terrible to even consider mining activity near your pristine stream.

abb said...

I'm hoping it's not ever destroyed.

Regina said...

Beautiful shots!

Eric SomeSkyMoments said...

Both pictures are great, but the first one is stunning!!

Well done

Have a nice SWF

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Kathie. Those mines sure do cause a lot of water problems in the west don't they.

I vote for the wildlife.

SandyCarlson said...

Beautiful winter skies, Kathie. I hope it stays intact, that place.

Dawn Fine said...

Really Lovely shots...that is a great area!

Deborah Godin said...

Spoiling yet more water?! When will we learn. Perhaps only when the birds and deer are long gone and we're the ones dying of thirst, I fear!

Texas Travelers said...

Great post and photos as usual.

In answer to your questions.

1. ear-in-go
2.teasel - not related except that it's a dicot.