Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Adams Family Road Race

It's the morning of the Adams Family Road Race. From all across the United States the Adams Family has gathered. Kathie flew in on Saturday, July 5 in the morning. That evening it was back to Bradley International Airport to pick up Alex as he flew in from Ft. Lewis in Washington State. Alex has just returned from a 15 month tour of duty with the army in Iraq. It will be the first time some of the family has seen him in 4 years. For his mother, Kathie, it was her first time seeing her son since he arrived home. Renee, Alex's older sister arrived on Tuesday night, and Gus arrived around 10:00 a.m. today.

Stephen, the middle brother and founder of the race has been here since last month. The Adams Family Road Race was his idea over 11 years ago as a way to keep his aging siblings, including himself, in shape. Stephen first conceived of a web page to chronicle the Adams Family Road Race. From his efforts with that first page TriFind.Com was born. Largely self taught, Stephen created the American Triathlon Calendar out of frustration when he went searching for triathlons to compete in as training for the Adams Family Road Race and couldn't find any to sign up for. He could only find race results. has now grown to be the largest Triathlon Calendar on the Internet. Stephen is very competitive and he wanted to beat all of his siblings in the race. A look at the statistic will reveal the year he lost 20 lbs and did just that. Kathie suffers from no such delusions and is quite happy to even finish the 2.8 mile run.

The Road race has become such a family tradition that our old high school cross country coaches have even attended and help keep time. Mr. Lander and Mr. Long were both teachers and track coaches from Bacon Academy in Colchester. Now retired, they may show up once again tonight to time the race and watch their former students and athletes run (or walk as the case may be). When the race is finished the family and friends will gather at Stephen and Donna's new cabin for hotdogs and hamburgers grilled over a firepit. Race Results will be posted here and on the Adams Family Road Race web page.

Gus will be the photographer of the event, and Janice Adams, the matriarch of the family will watch her gaggle of children, grandchildren and great-grand-children as they race around the lake and sprint panting for the finish line.

On a personal note I must acknowledge how proud we all are of my Mother who raised the five of us by herself after my father abandoned her with 5 kids back in the 60's. My oldest brother was 10 and my youngest was only 2. My mom didn't even know how to drive a car, but she learned, went to college to become a teacher, got a job and got off welfare. She taught first grade in the Lebanon Elementary School System for 25 years until she retired. You're the best, Mom!


Amila Salgado said...

Nice to hear that Alex is back. You sound a happy mother.

Kathryn said...

Have a wonderful family reunion trip. So happy Alex and Renee are there! Can't wait to see all your pics. Say "hi" to your mom for me.
Love, K

Shimmy Mom said...

Sounds like so much fun. I'm glad that your son got home safe and sound. And I am amazed by your mother. What a lovely tribute you gave her. Give her an extra hug tonight and tell her your blog friends think she's somethin' else!

bobbie said...

Sounds like your mom was a great lady. Happy reunion!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for visiting my blog while I wasn't feeling well. I'm trying to catch up a little this week, but I'm very far behind, so it will take a little time to get back into a routine.

TR Ryan said...

What a great thing your family does. I see that Alex won. Congrats. Even with jet lag. How cute are you and Chris! But your mother -- amazing -- I would love to hear more.

Texas Travelers said...

Way to go, Mom.

Your Texas friends,
Troy and Martha

Doug Taron said...

Way to go on the race. It sounds like you have an amazing family. I hope you're seeing lots of good birds in New England.

Anonymous said...

Moms are the best. I like your post today.

Kathryn and Ari said...

That is so fantastic. Somewhere, somehow, my brother and I started a tradition of running up this huge hill near where my parents live every Christmas Eve. It's great to know there's another family out there with similar traditions!!!

Kathie Brown said...

Gallicisssa, I am a happy mother and it was hard to let him and his sister, Renee go when the time came.

Katnell, I had a great trip that was very busy without a moment to rest or reflect. However, now the thoughts are coming fast and furious. I have many blogposts planned. I can't write fast enough!

Shimmy mom, she is an amazing woman and I will pass on your kind words.

Bobbie, thank you!

Sandpiper, I'm glad you are feeling better. I may have been in your stomping grounds! Gus took lots of photos down by the ocean.

t.r. My brother Chris is so special to me. I love him dearly. I will think about telling more about my Mom. It is quite a story.

Thanks Troy and Martha!

Hey Doug, New England is full of bugs and I have the bites to prove it! I did see lots of good birds in New England, including some lifers! Wait until you read about it. I will be posting news and photos soon.

Abe, thank you!

Kathryn and Ari, how cute to hear of your family run. You won't find my brother doing anything similar. He hates snow!