Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking to Save the Scenic Santa Ritas. Imagine this area as a clock.

To the North, where the 12 would be is the town of Vail, Az.

One o’clock you have Cienega Creek Preserve.

Two o’clock: Davidson Canyon

Three o’clock: Andrada Ranch and The Hilton Ranch Road Community

Five O’clock: Sonoita

Seven o’clock: Madera Canyon

Eight o’clock: Florida Work Center and Florida Wash

Ten o’clock: Sahuarita

Eleven o’clock: Corona de Tucson and Sycamore Canyon

Then, dead in the middle of all this beauty and wildlife, right where the hands of the clock would be, is Rosemont Junction where the Rosemont Mine wants to open.
Please tell me why this makes sense to anyone?

In 2004 there was a Proposal to Preserve The Santa Rita Rosemont Ranch area put before the Pima County Government. Click on the link to read the history of Rosemont Ranch, the proposal and to see a map and photos of the area. Question: How did we let this opportunity slip away?

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kjpweb said...

Answer: Greed and the prospect of fast profits.

The good news: High energy prices already have influenced and will do even more so in the future - the urban sprawl. People start getting to their senses, when it hurts their pockets. I believe that the expansion course along highways will come to a screeching hold and once there people will appreciate, no longer having to drive ten miles for the next (Clinic/Supermarket, etc.)

So let's hope for the best.
Cheers, Klaus