Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday Morning After the Storm

(Sunday Morning sky photo by Kathie 7-20-08)

The frogs were still singing at 2 a.m. when I finally fell asleep. This morning I am greeted by overcast skies as the sun brightens a patch of gray to shining silver in the east. A light breeze ruffles my hair as I lean against the block wall in the back yard soaking in the day. Bird sounds are everywhere from the staccato chirping of house finches to the melodic twittering of lesser goldfinches. Mourning doves and White-winged doves are cooing their songs to the day. The mourning dove’s song is soft and soulful, while the white- winged dove sounds frantic and busy as it calls out “Who cooks for you! Who cooks for you!” over and over.

(Wet, bedraggled and hungry birds photo by Kathie 7-20-08)

The raging waters that filled the wash last night have subsided leaving a calm pool in which the birds are drinking and bathing. I see no frogs at the moment but in the distance I have heard a few faint croaks as if the frogs are exhausted from a full night of singing and mating. Within an hour their voices will be totally silent.

(Pond where the toads sang last night 7-20-08)

I have returned to a world so green compared to the one I left 2 weeks ago. My trees are flourishing in this Monsoon rain and the ocotillos in the desert are fat with new green leaves. Saguaros swell with the abundant water and the desert grasses and flowers are thick once again. I am starting to see hummingbirds and so have made up some nectar and hung the feeders yesterday. This morning as I stand outside enjoying this brief coolness a female of some unidentified variety flew up to check me out, then, as if deciding I really was not a flower, flew off in a zipping huff.

(Patio and mesquite tree photo by Kathie 7-20-08)

The human world around me is waking up. I hear screen doors slide as my neighbors exit their homes to enjoy their yards also. Do they realize what a magnificent place we live in? Do they feel the cool breezes I do or smell the sweet scent of the damp desert and enjoy its perfume? How many of them rushed outside last night to investigate the croaking songs of desert frogs? I want to soak up every experience here, for though Gus says we are home, I never know when he’ll go looking for another job and we will be on the move once again.

(Canna lily with rain drops photo by Kathie 7-21-08)

Photographer's note: All of today's photos are taken by Kathie with the Nikon D80 18-70mm lens. They have a milky appearance because someone (who shall remain nameless but it wasn't me) dried the lens off with a tissue after last night's photography in the rain. Live and learn. I did not notice the problem until I uploaded the photos onto the computer and then, oh my! Never ever dry your lens with a Kleenex!


kjpweb said...

Well and who might be the culprit, huh?
The shots are nice anyway! So not so big of a problem.
Cheers, Klaus

jalynn01 said...

welcome back! and after reading about your frog in the last post! Yikes! Best to keep the dog inside. Such a pretty thing, but lethal!

Stacey Olson said...

You would be amazed at the things I use to clean my lens. LOL.. really need to get the right equipment... Beautiful photos. the power of mother nature... amazing ..

jalynn01 said...

Kathie, thank you for identifying my 'wood peewee' and yellow warbler. Of all the birds these kinds of birds give me fits. I don't see very many and with spring and fall they look different and so on and on. I'm glad you knew, and when I looked it up it sure looked right!

Kathie Brown said...

No Klaus, it wasn't a big problem and I cleaned the lens with my eyeglass cloth. All is well.

Jaylynn, The dog still goes out but we check before we let her out the door. Her mouth is so small she can't pick up the toad but she could lick it. As for the birds, glad I could help. The wood peewees are much easier to ID than the Empids, which give everyone fits because some are only safely identified by voice!

Hey Stacy, nice to see you again! You must have gotten that computer bug all worked out. Nature is awesome and she wasn't done displaying her power around here either. Check out my newest post!