Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Notice: Pima County Residents

Pima County Multiple-Species Conservation Plan

The Pima County Board of Supervisors would like your comments on Pima County’s most recent Multi-Species Conservation Plan (MSCP: go to the main website to access the PDF file.) If approved, the plan would provide a comprehensive way for Pima County and the regulated community to achieve compliance with the Endangered Species Act in unincorporated Pima County. In the past, this has been done project-by-project, species-by-species.

Various efforts to avoid, minimize and mitigate the impacts of urbanization on various plant and animal species and their habitats have already been implemented through the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. We are proposing to formalize those existing programs and institute new measures in this document.

We invite your comments!

Attend an informational meeting to learn more. Use this comment form (in Excell format) for handwritten comments. Or, you can complete an online survey. Your input will help us draft the community’s final proposal, which will be sent to U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for formal review later this year.

Public Meetings at
Green Valley Branch Library
Wednesday, February 4, 5-7 PM

Tucson Estates Community Center
February 9, 5-7 PM

South Tucson Branch Library
Tuesday, February 10, 4-6 PM

Ellie Towne Community Center
Tuesday, February 17, 5-7 PM

More information at http://www.pima.gov/cmo/sdcp

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Diane AZ said...

I'm glad you posted this. I wasn't aware of the Pima County Multiple-species Conservation Plan, but it seems worth looking into!