Sunday, February 8, 2009

Street Pigeons

Pigeons in Reid Park 1-5-09 by Kathie Brown

A hundred pigeons fly
A winged cloud rushing by
I stand here like a tree
As feathers fly by me
I could put out my hands
And snag them from the sky
But why?
I want them to fly.

~Kathie Brown (1-6-09)


Kim said...

HA!! I love that poem. The picture is great too. We have a ton of pigeons in the downtown area where I work. They don't fly past us though. In fact, they walk righ alongside all of the hurried people on the street. Very weird.

Cheryl Ann said...

Another beautiful poem! And, about...pigeons! I remember one year, one of my girls did her science project on pigeons! She actually went out and counted the various colors of pigeons. I believe white was the most rare!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is a lot of Pigeons,I can only imagine the mess they leave.

Kathie Brown said...

Kallen, the stress of city life has altered their brains and behavior I think!

Cheryl Ann, what an interesting project. Pigeons can get a bad wrap and I certainly don't want them in my yard, but they are amusing.

Ruth, yes thay do. It was reported in the local news recently that the awning over a gas staion in Yuma AZ collaped due to the weight of their droppings!