Thursday, June 24, 2010

Around the Yard in Sycamore Canyon


Male Cardinal 6-22-10

The quail block attracts more than just quail…

DSC_0107 Mourning dove and White-winged dove 6-18-10

DSC_0120  Antelope Ground Squirrel 6-22-10

DSC_0130Cardinal and House sparrow 6-22-10

 DSC_0158Hungry Pyrrhuloxia 6-23-10


DSC_0142 Here is one solution to my ant problem.  I put a saucer of water beneath the feeder so that when the Gila Woodpeckers land on it and it drips, not only is the nectar diluted but the water is also so deep that the ants drown in it.  So far it seems to be working. That’s a Costa’s hummingbird coming in for a drink in the photo.

DSC_0135My Pomegranate tree has grown like a big weed!  It was full of blossoms and now it is bursting with the ripening fruit. The birds seem to love it as well. Soon all the desert will be bursting with ripening prickly pears.  I think I may have to make jelly again this year!

DSC_0143 A few wispy clouds float by over the top of Mount Fagan to tempt and tease us, but the dew temperature needs to rise and the wind needs to change directions before the Monsoon will bring us sweet relief.


DeniseinVA said...

Good morning Kathie, another lovely series of photos.

Have a great weekend watching all the lovely friends in your garden.

An English Girl Rambles

Gaelyn said...

Your bird captures are all wonderful. Love the light on the bright red Cardinal. Good trick for the drip problem.

Andrea said...

The red on the cardinal is so vivid. What a show off he is with that color. How wonderful to feed the birds with pomegranate from your own tree. I'm not sure I would know how to cope with the dry summer weather of the desert. I hope you get rain soon. A~

Dawn Fine said...

What a wonderful day in your neck of the woods...the pomegranate is very cool..treats for you and for your birdies.

chrome3d said...

Male cardinal, what a flashy dandy it is.

Larry said...

I love the way the sun is lighting up that cardinal like a lamp.