Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today in Sycamore Canyon


Today in Sycamore Canyon the sun continues to blaze. At 1:30 PM MST it is 102F degrees. However, this Mourning Dove has figured out how to stay cool. But the need for water drives the birds to desperate measures.


DSC_0131 My succulents have been stripped of their juicy leaves…

DSC_0133… the leaf debris is scattered on my patio.


Out front my newly planted purslane is being gobbled away.

 DSC_0152At the tip of a slender stem a tender bud struggles to survive.  When I first moved here I often wondered why all the plants have thorns and spines.  I now know why: because if you don’t, you get eaten!


I should have done this long ago but today I am finally fighting back.  I do not know if birds or beasts are eating my purslane but I am trying to save it. We shall see what happens.

 DSC_0166 Meanwhile, even the pyrrhuloxias are desperate for food. This young female is trying to break free some seed from the seed block. Food is scarce in the desert now. We are all waiting for rain.


Gaelyn said...

Maybe you should add thorns to the purslane. ;)

With all the fires we could use rain too, but no lightning.

Carolyn Ford said...

The poor little critters! I'm glad this bird found some cool water! What an adorable picture. Maybe succulents were created for the critters needing moisture???

Dawn Fine said...

Good thing you are taking care of these birdies! The morning dove looks very happy!

Arija said...

It is so hard on all living things when the water gives out. I have to cage plants too, mainly from marauding sheep.