Monday, June 14, 2010

I Will Sip Sweet Wine in the Desert

DSC_0078 Sycamore Canyon Sunset 6-14-10

It’s the end of another busy day in Sycamore Canyon. All day I have watched the birds in my yard feeding their young, feeding themselves, and drinking from the water fountain or birdbath. Water is very scarce at this time of year and it will often draw birds into the yard that seeds and suet do not. I saw an ash-throated flycatcher land on the block wall this afternoon but when it saw me it did not venture into the yard. I am still doing battle with ants but I think I have the bees outfoxed for now. The battle with the ants would be a bit easier of the Gila woodpeckers did not hang from the feeders and spill nectar on the ground or the table!

We have had a bit of a break from the heat here in Sycamore Canyon over the weekend and even today the air was comfortable in the shade. I love living here because I can be outdoors at almost any time of the year. The heat rarely drives me inside anymore since I can sit under my covered patio in the shade. I have amazing birds in my yard almost every day and now and then a few surprises to boot. The diversity of wildlife, plants and birds is absolutely amazing. Since moving here I have heard coyotes howl and Sonoran Desert toads sing. In the summer I watch nighthawks and purple martins flutter through the sky, in the winter I see raptors hunt my bird feeders and land within feet of my den window. In 30 seconds I can be out the front door and in the canyon walking amongst cacti, creosote bush, mesquite and Palo Verde. Red cliffs tower above me while deep sand and gravel crunches beneath my feet. I am lost and found in the desert. It is a place to love.

DSC_0073Mt. Fagan 6-14-10 

Tonight I will sit on the patio and sip sweet wine as the sun sets in the west casting its rose-gold glow onto the slopes of Mt. Fagan. I am thinking about my life here and all that it means to me.

DSC_0072 Sweet Wine in the Desert 6-14-10

Sweet Wine in the Desert

I will sip sweet wine in the desert

While the nighthawks fly through the sky

And black-throated sparrows sing their silvery song

as the sunlight slips from the sky

‘till purple dusk over takes me

And the stars twinkle into the night

I will sip the sweet wine of the desert

As I slip into this desert life.

~kathiesbirds (6-14-10)


christopher said...

Gorgeous sunset photo.

I haven't been to the Southwest for quite a while...but I do love the tones of the earth and the openness that exists there.


Anonymous said...

Great narrative Kathie and beautiful sunset.

Gaelyn said...

A wonderful reflection of loving life in the desert. Your poem is beautiful Kathie and the sunset so warm.

Celeste said...

Sounds blissful Kathie, nothing like a clear desert night for providing the perfect excuse for a nice glass of wine.
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my recent post, I think you and I are kindred souls. There always seems to be a man at the route of all our issues! But we still love them :)

Donna M. Simonetti said...

That's a very beautiful & fitting poem. There is no place like the beauty of the desert. Very beautiful sunset photo & it is a place to love.

Quiet Paths said...

I love the poem, Kathie - contentment is worth more than anything. You do have such a wonderful place to be outdoors there! I always marvel at the birds you get in your own back yard.

Arija said...

Another post that needs no editing and coud be the ending of your book. What nicer way to finish than on a high note?

Your photos ar outstanding too.

Kathie Brown said...

Christopher, I love the openness also.

Roy, thank you!

Gaelyn, thank you also!

Celeste, I was thinking the same thing!

Donna, I know that you know what I am talking about!

Quiet Paths, I marvel at them too. Each one is so magnificent and interesting. I truly live in an exotic place!

Arija, you are such an encouragement to me.