Monday, July 26, 2010

The Good-bye Chronicles Chapter 3: Waiting

DSC_0043 Desert Spiny Lizard 7-6-10 My Backyard

July 6, 2010

This day has started with golden sunshine streaming through my bedroom window as Gus heads off to work. Perhaps today we will know more. Perhaps today the waiting will end.

Pyrrhuloxia_0122 Pyrrhuloxia 7-5-10 My Yard

I get up and start my morning routine of feeding pets and counting birds. I smile as I see a fat collared lizard doing its warming push-ups on the block wall in the bright morning sun. I have plenty of things to do today while I wait. As usual, there are bird feeders to fill and plants to water. I watch a small rabbit nibble on the seed block. I count the birds out my windows. I look at each species differently now and realize that these will not be my backyard birds anymore if we move away. There are no Canyon Towhees in New England. I will not see Pyrrhuloxias or Cactus Wrens there. I do not take these birds for granted here, but I have relaxed with them and count on seeing them everyday. If one species does not show up I notice. I have become accustom to the rhythms of their life here in Sycamore Canyon. It has become my rhythm. Will I carry this song with me if we leave?


In the afternoon I visit my friend, Sherri. Her yard looks out over a larger green space than mine. The mesquite trees and Palo Verdes create a dense light green canopy over the desert. I can see a few birds here and there as they fly over the wash and across this ribbon of green. A male cardinal pops up to sing from a branch, its color a bright red spot in all that feathery green. The desert is full of doves, both mourning and white-winged. In the heat of the day they seek refuge in shade and do not move about so much. They, too, are waiting, but they wait for rain.

DSC_0054 House finches 7-14-10 My yard

This day passes slowly. The heat drives me inside. There is no word today. All I can do is wait.


Chapter 3 of The Good-bye Chronicles


Carolyn Ford said...

My heart aches for your feelings for the desert and that you will likely have to leave it. You and your birds and other critters have such a beautiful bond...I hope you can make peace the east coast. It's beautiful too, in its own way. Your photos, as always, are lovely.

Shelley said...

I am sorry too that you may have to leave your little paradise. I believe you have the eye for beauty and that you will find it on the east coast too!
P.S. I just love that Pyrrhuloxia bird! Such a difficult name to spell for such a gorgeous bird.

Gaelyn said...

Yet what wonders you observe while waiting.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

I am sorry about the misunderstanding. I am glad your Gus is thinking ahead. Is there a chance that all will be fine with his job? If not I will look forward still to your wonderful observations.

Kathie Brown said...

Carolyn Ford, thank you for those kinds thoughts. I will make peace with the east. It is where I am from and all my family lives back there but I am in love with the west and with this desert. It will be hard to go back to snow! However, there will be lots of birds back there that I don't get to see here!

Shelly, thank you! I have gotten so used to spelling "pyrrhuloxia" that I have it memorized as a little sing-song tune in my head!

Yes, Gaelyn, everyday, as you well know!

Candy, all is well. I started writing all of this before we knew for sure. I did not want to publish anything until I knew. Now everything is in the works. I will get caught up to present time by this weekend I think. Thank you for your concern and no apology is needed. I guess I did not make it clear in my writing that he was not laid off. However, he did not want to wait until he was. This is a pre-emptive move.

Ruth said...

I am just catching up on your latest posts and am sorry to hear of your upheaval. Change is always challenging even if it is the right choice. I enjoy learning about your Arizona birds and wildlife.

Kathie Brown said...

Ruth, thank you for those kind thoughts. I have loved learning about Arizona wildlife also!