Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is My Sister

DSC_0295 Kathie and Mary Grace 6-29-10

This is my sister, Mary Grace.  She is 3 years younger than me and while I used to think she was a pest I now can’t spend enough time with her.  Since she lives on the other side of the country, I rarely get to do that, so I was thrilled when her family decided to buy her a plane ticket to come see me for  her 50th birthday.  Yes, she is 50 and no, she doesn’t look it! We had a great time while she was here and she even got to meet her new niece, Natalie. Now she is gone, the holiday is over and life is getting somewhat back to normal.  I have lots of photos and stories to tell.  As always, there will be birds. I just off-loaded my photos today.  Look for more stories starting tomorrow!

DSC_0374 Mary Grace on Mt. Lemmon 6-30-10

DSC_0389 Mary Grace at Agua Caliente park 6-30-10


Mary Grace and Natalie 7-1-10


Gaelyn said...

How delightful family sent your sister to visit. I'm sure you both had a great time.

Arija said...

Unmistakeable likeness. What a lovely birthday present. I well understand your joy. My sister and I are the last remnants of our generation. She lives 600+ miles away. I can no longer fly and find driving exhausting so it is a three day trip there and the same back. Thank God for the telephone, and Alexander Graham Bell of course!
You both look so happy and I am sure she was thrilled to meet Natalie.
You two are, within a couple of months, the ages of my children.

Hugs to you dear friend.

Carolyn Ford said...

What a beautiful reunion and photos for the memories! May there be another one in the near future...

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

What a lovely sister you have! She definitely does not look 50. That is so wonderful that you could get together for her birthday. It is funny how much siblings get along as the years go by. My sister (who is 8 1/2 years older) and I used to fight like cats and dogs. Now we get along great!

Celeste said...

That is such a nice birthday present! I am so glad that you got to spend some quality family time.

Kathie Brown said...

Gaelyn, we did! It was just too short! I still have so many places I want to show her!

Arija, you are so sweet. I do not think I look like my sister at all, but you are kind to say that.

Thank you for your friendship!

Carolyn Ford, I think there will be soon!

Candy, isn"t it amazing how growing up helps one to appreciate our siblings!

Celeste, so am I! I hardly ever get her all to myself!