Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My World: My Own Peaceable Kingdom

1. Gambel's Quail male

Male Gambel’s Quail 7-13-10

On any given day I see so many creatures in and around my yard.

 2. Gambel's female Female Gambel’s Quail 7-13-10


3. Desert cottontail

 Desert cottontail 7-8-10

One day earlier this month I looked out the front window to see this bunny rabbit resting beneath my gold star (yellow bells) bush. I smiled even wider when I noticed a covey of juvenile Gambel’s quail lying beneath the same bush snuggled into the stones and the shade like little gray buns in an oven. Perched on the branches of this same bush and just over the bunny’s head was a juvenile pyrrhuloxia. In the upper branches of that same bush Lesser-goldfinches and Costa’s Hummingbirds were feeding or perching. That is when I realized I have my own little peaceable kingdom right here in my own yard. Throughout the rest of this month other birds and creatures have appeared. Often they are most comfortable in the company of other species.

4. juv cowbird Juvenile Brown-headed cowbird 7-5-10

5. juv pyrrhuloxia Juvenile Pyrrhuloxia 7-5-10

6.desert spiny lizard Desert spiny Lizard 7-17-10

7. male costa's Male Costa’s hummingbird 7-19-10 hiding in honeysuckle vine

8. female Costa's Female Costa’s Hummingbird 7-19-10 feeding


9. male BH Cow Male Brown-headed cowbird 7-13-10

10. juv BH cow and finch Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird drinking from fountain with female House Finch 7-13-10

11. Black-headed grosbeak Black-headed Grosbeak 7-20-10

12. Black-headed grosbeak Black-headed Grosbeak 7-20-10

13. dove and quail

MY World Tuesday


Beth Niquette said...

I see you've been spammed by the Chinese Guyz...such a pain they are! Whatever you do, don't click on the ............ 's They'll take you where you don't want to go.

I was so blessed by your pictures just now--all those lovely birds--such amazing photos. And that little rabbit. What an interesting and rich place you must live in!

Thank you for sharing these with us.

Oman said...

having spent time with theses wonderful creatures truly makes you feel you are in paradise. great captures :)

Gaelyn said...

The word is out, hang out at Kathie's. Why not, there's shade, water and food.

Kathie Brown said...

Beth, thanks for the heads up. I usually delete these as soon as I see them. I spent all afternoon working on a post for my Sycamore Canyon Birds blog and did not see this come through. I did not know it was the ....that got you though. Now I will be even more careful.

Lawstude, thanks!

Gaelyn, I try to do my best! I guess it's working!

Walk in New York said...

Magnifique ces photos, bravo j'aime beaucoup la premiere, elle a une profondeur de champs superbe

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely colouring to your local birds Kathie.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Kathie, Your gold star bush is like gold. It attracts the most amazing wildlife. So enjoyed these beautiful photos this morning, a great start to anyone's day. Thank you very much for the info on the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. I will definitely put it on my list of places to see when I am in Seattle.
An English Girl Rambles

Kathie Brown said...

Walk in New York, thank you for your kind comments. You have a nice blog also I see.

Roy, it is amazing, isn't it!

Denise, I do hope that you have fun on your trip.

Birding is Fun! said...

As soon as I can come up with a way to make a trip to AZ, I'm coming to your backyard!

FAB said...

Your Gold Star bush is obviously the place to hang out. Smashing collection of colourful species in and around your yard Kathie. FAB.

Ruth said...

I wished you could have gone birding with me in Mexico. I saw a Gambels Quail my first day there and thought of you. Your pictures are so very good.

Kathie Brown said...

Idaho birder, you would be welcome!

Early Birder, it is an easy bush to grow and the animals just love it!

Ruth, How nice of you to think of me! I have not been to Mexico. I hope you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Great as ever - and always a pleasure to visit!
Cheers, Klaus

Celeste said...

It looks like your yard is turning into a wildlife reserve Kathie :) Animals always know when they find a human they can trust to look out for them.