Monday, February 4, 2008

At the End of a Snowy Day Monday, February 4

Mt Fagan wears a coat of white, reflecting winter's waning light,
snow in the desert
refreshes my thirsty soul
with contrast, color, and calm.

The pyrrhuloxia returns for a late afternoon snack before the cold winter darkness falls.

A dove naps in the same corner that collected snow this morning.

Winter ocatillos open their arms to embrace the sky. Snow shadows fall on desert mountains. A cold wind blows over cactus and warms my heart with memories of winter in another place and time.

Dark clouds hover over the desert. Why this fascination with clouds? It is as if the heavens come down to the earth. They are a fleeting thing, intangible and powerful, changable and beautiful.

The Snow dusted Santa Rita Mountians bathed in the light of a setting sun.


Patrice said...

Breathtaking photographs! You've captured the light beautifully! And I love the sweet birds. Thank you.

Kathie Brown said...

Patrice, I am so glad you came back! When the light is like that, it is not hard to get good photos. The light and colors call to me. I needed to wash the floor but I took photographs instead!

Anonymous said...

Quite amazing scenery shots Kathie.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Just lovely. I can feel the peace.

Kathie Brown said...

Roy, thank you for visiting my Blog. Glad you enjoy the scenery. It's quite different than England I'm sure!