Monday, February 25, 2008

Crepes For Cranes

I could have had crepes and art work,
Both of which I love,
But I traded crepes for cranes
Instead. In a place
Rimmed by mountains, wind whipped and wild,
A noisy place of gray feathers and scarlet caps,
Garrooing voices raised in camaraderie,
Calling out, “Come join me! Come join me!
In my wild dance upon a dry field of grain,
In this watery place, in this wild isolation
Where we congregate.”

~kathiesbirds (2-25-08)


nina at Nature Remains. said...

What a lovely reward for your choice.

Larry said...

I'd take that deal any day! Very nice -Kathiesbirds

Kathie Brown said...

Larry and Nina, Thank you both for your comments! Once it occurred to me, it was an easy choice. There will always be crepes but the cranes will soon be gone!

mon@rch said...

What I would give up to see these guys and take a photo of them like this!

Patrice said...

Wow, Kathie! Pure poetry! Hurrah!

Kathie Brown said...

Mon@rch, thanks for visitng my blog! I hope you do get to see them someday, they are so amazing!

Patrice, so glad you liked it. Coming from you, that is a real compliment!