Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's Your Favorite?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a long time and I finally decided to ask it. At the beginning of the year Larry from the Brownstone Birding Blog asked us all what our favorite birding memory from the previous year was. Now, I would like to pose a new question and I hope that at least some of you will reply in the comments section. Here’s the question: What is your favorite Blog post that you have posted from last year? My favorite post from last year is Perigean Moon. If I could ask you to read just one thing I wrote last year, that would be it. Now I am curious to see what the rest of you have to say. If I’m talented enough, I will link your replies to this post. I’m still a baby Blogger here and still learning and I learn from all of you every day.
The responses are rolling in. Here are the favorite posts and the links:
Doug from Gossemer Tapestry, Why is This Important
Mary from Faith, Fabric and Photos, Joy, Joy, Joy
Mary from Mary's View, Home Sweet Home
Lynne from Hasty Brook, Dippy Goldfinch
Aunt "b's" Backyard, He's Back
Roy of Fenlandwalker, Canada Geese
Vern of Big Spring Birds, A Loon Story
Mary of Mary's Corner of the World, Lynx Spider Update


Doug Taron said...

I can see why that would be a favoirte post. It's so evocative. Excellent writing.

My favorite post for the last year is here.

My favorite bird experience of the past year was on my recent trip. I'll post about it sometime in the coming week.

Mary said...

I left a comment on your original post...that was beautiful writing. I'm not sure that I have any post of my own that I think belongs here and I have no idea how to link one to your site. I guess my personal favorites were one that I called "Joy,joy,joy,joy..." (which was part of a Thanksgiving series I was doing) or the one I call "Is it gold ....or is it pink...".

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Hi Kathie, You have a beautiful site here and lots of interesting things to see. I can't believe all the birds! Wow! I can see I'm going to have some fun exploring. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for leaving such a nice comment. Thanks for the link, too. I'll be adding a reciprocal link to my blog for you, as well.

Mary said...

Excellent post and writing, Kathie! Your descriptions made me feel like I was with you.

I have over 300 posts to think about but one stands out in my mind. I remember writing it, called "Home Sweet Home".

Kathryn and Ari said...

As a new reader, I'm so happy to see some of your earlier work. Thanks!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Kathie- that's a beautiful post. Your writing is lovely. My favorite post was

not because of thw writing, but because of the goldfinch photographs I had captured.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

You are an exceptional writer, Kathie. Always a pleasure to read your postings!!

To answer your question about my favorite, well, that's difficult as I have so many. But I guess if I have to narrow it down, it would be my visits from the black bears. Specifically...the one entitled "He's Back." It was just so incredible to me to be so close. I have had numerous encounters previously, but this one was so unique with the communication we shared. I know that has to sound odd, however, I suppose you would have to be there to understand. Thanks for picking at our brains!

Larry said...

When you write that well you don't need a photo because you've painted a mental picture for us.-It sounds like you blended right in as part of the natural surroundings-a free spirit.-Glad you brought that post back for us to read.

Anonymous said...

My favourite post for last year is this:

May 16th 2007. Although funny it was good to see such vulnerable little things being protected by parents and extended family.

Anonymous said...

I read your post, very nice! My own favorite from last year was called "A Loon Story" and can be found at

Mary C said...

Kathie - that was so beautifully written. Are you a famous author/writer pretending to be an amateur blogger? ;o) Wow! You should write professionally and get published. As others have said, who needs pictures when you describe your experiences so well in words. As for my favorite post, it would have to be when I got so excited that our "resident" lynx spider's babies hatched. That was one of the most exciting experiences I had this past year. And I happily shared it in a post. Here is the link to that post -
And another post referring back to "mama" spider was posted on October 4th.

Kathie Brown said...

Thank you all for leaving me these links! I am having fun reading them. Vern I read your Loon story before. It is so amazing. Sandpiper, Larry and Kathryn, what are your favorites? I'm waiting to hear from you! I would love to include links to your posts also.

For anyone else, if you are just checking in, please leave me your suggestions. I'd love to see this list grow, and I find it interesting to see what you are proud of. This is really a way for me to get to know all of you!

Pappy said...

See comments under Perigean Moon.

Kathie Brown said...

Mary C, I would love to be a published writer. Other than a brief stint as a writer for a small newspaper in Livermore Falls, ME, this is the closest I've come! Perhaps someday you will have one of my books in your library! Hold fast to your dreams... :)