Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow in Arizona

Well, they said it happens once in awhile but I’ve been waiting to see it for myself. Every time they issue a “Winter Storm Warning” on the news here in Tucson, I just laugh. However, this morning shortly after a downpour hit the rain started to mix with snow. It is still snowing an hour later. Now, I am under no illusions that I will even need to shovel the stuff (which we couldn’t do anyway since Gus gave away the snow shovels to the neighbors when we moved here from Utah) but I could actually see big flakes!
The birds are seeking cover under my patio roof. A Gila Woodpecker is clinging to the stucco in the one corner and a hummingbird is doing the same in another. A little house finch is riding the fan blades like a merry-go-round, but at least it is out of the wet and wind!
On January 31 the burrowing owl appeared in the wash again. He has been there ever since, but today I don't see him.
This is a good thing as the wash is starting to fill with water. If it gets much deeper it will overflow into the pipe the owl has been living in. The cold and wet brings all sorts of birds out seeking food.

A phyrrhuloxia is visiting today, but I think its beak is too stubby to get at the seed in my finch feeders. It's rather shy and it keeps flying off into the wash.
I have lots of writing to do today with exciting news and photos of two new life birds for me, but first I need to post the final results from my Big January count.

Snow in the corner of the yard.

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dguzman said...

Your blog is like a primer on Western birds! Looking forward to meeting you in WV.