Friday, January 4, 2008

Burrowing Owl Confirmed

There is no longer any doubt that I have seen a burrowing owl. I decided to look in the drainage pipe in the wash this morning and sure enough, there he was. The pictures are poor quality because I’m still using my Coolpix digital and I didn’t want to get too close and disturb the bird. I have yet to learn how to use the new camera but hopefully Gus and I will be able to capture a better photo sometime this weekend. My biggest concern is that when it rains that wash will fill up and wash the poor bird out. I have contacted Tucson Audubon about this and am waiting for a reply. We are expecting a good rain on Sunday. Still, I am so thrilled to have a burrowing owl living in the wash next to my house!


Susan Gets Native said...

An owl for a neighbor. That is so cool.
Burrowing owls are tiny, cute perfection.

Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!

Kathie Brown said...

Susan, glad to have found it. I like the title. The owl only stayed for one day. I guess he decided that wasn't such a good burrow after all. I haven't seen him since and so was never able to get a better photograph with the new camera. I'm glad you care for the birds!