Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday with the Birds: a photo essay

We started the day driving to Madera Canyon. On the way we saw this Cooper's Hawk perched on the wires on Sahuarita Rd. Gus stopped and got this picture with his new Nikon D80.

The clown-faced acorn woodpecker is always a favorite at the Madera Picnic Area.

In Madera canyon we saw Bridled titmice, Acorn Woodpeckers, Gray-headed Juncos, a Hutton's vireo, a Ruby-crowned kinglet, a white-breasted nuthatch and Mexican jays. This was the best photo of the jay Gus got while it was feeding near the gift shop.

At the Proctor Trailhead parking area the mequite trees are burnt black from a fire a few years ago. The ladderback woodpeckers are finding fine dining in the burnt wood. We saw a male and a female. Here you can see the male drumming in the wood.

I like the patterns in nature so I snapped this picture of the sycamore tree near Madera Creek with my Nikon Coolpix. The bare white branches look like polished bones to me.

These are the colors of Madera Creek.

Gus pulled over the car to call his folks as we were leaving Madera Canyon. While he was on the phone a flock of White-crowned sparrows flew into a bush right outside my window. I grabbed the D80 from the back seat and snapped this picture.

What does the Cooper's hawk think when you get too close? "I'll fly away!"


Larry said...

Wow! beautiful photos! That Sycamore has the whitest bark I've ever seen-they all have a camo look to them around here.

Kathie Brown said...

Thank you! The sycamore bark is so beautiful. I live in Sycamore Canyon but I have yet to see a Sycamore Tree! I guess I'll have ot venture farther up the wash because there are none down here!

Amy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures, thank you! I lived in Texas briefly a few years ago and I remember the Mesquite trees. Tough as nails!