Sunday, January 20, 2008

January Bird list: the game is on!

Larry of the Brownstone Birding Blog has challenged us to a Big January. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept,that means listing all the bird species you can see in one January within your own state. I've never done this before but since I started eBirding it makes it much easier to keep track: they do all the counting for me! So, here is my list for this month so far:

1. Burrowing owl, 2. American Widgeon, 3. Mallard, 4. Northern Shoveler, 5. Northern Pintail, 6. Northern harrier, 7. Great Blue heron, 8. Mourning dove, 9. Greater Roadrunner, 10. Abert's towhee, 11. Yellow-rumped warbler, 12. Phainopepla, 13. Curved-billed thrasher, 14. Northern Mockingbird, 16. Cactus wren, 17. Verdin, 18. Gila woodpecker, 19. House finch, 20. White-crowned sparrow, 21. American coot, 22. Ring-necked duck, 23. Ladder-backed woodpecker, 24. Hutton's verio, 25. Northern Cardinal, 26. Black-throated sparrow, 27. Black-tailed gnatcatcher, 28. Costa's hummingbird, 29. Lesser goldfinch, 30. House sparrow, 31. Say's phoebe, 32. Brewer's sparrow, 33. Cooper's hawk, 34. Red-tailed hawk, 35. Acorn woodpecker, 36. Common Raven, 37. Mexican Jay, 38. Bridled titmouse, 39. white-breasted nuthatch, 40. Dark-eyed junco, 41. Townsend's warbler, 42. Rock wren, 43. Gilded flicker, 44. White-throated swift, 45. Gambel's quail.

45 species so far. And where does one find herons and ducks in the desert? At an Oasis of course! But, you can also find them at the wastewater treatment plants, which are excellent places to bird I have found out! We have some very nice habits made from the treated water, one of which is called Sweetwater Wetlands. Perhaps I should go visit...


Anonymous said...

You are waaaaay ahead of me! I must get to Black Swamp Bird Observatory soon! If only it weren't so cold right now I would go this week. I feel so sorry for the birds when it's this cold.

Mary said...

Kathie, I am glad you stopped by my blog because it led me to yours! That Larry is full of challenges so I scribbled a list of about 35 birds in January - you are way ahead of me!

Your Nikon D80 serves you well. I wonder if you are happy with it as I'm in the market for a new camera. Your photos are fantastic, particularly the woodpeckers.

I look forward to seeing more here. There are many birds you have that I will never see!


Larry said...

You've got some birds that I need.-Too bad we couldn't trade a few.-Thanks for playing along!

Kathie Brown said...

Amy! Glad to hear from you! The Black Swamp sounds interesting. Will there be photos when you go back? Be sure to let me know!

Mary, I've stopped by your Blog before. You've got some nice photos. Living in Tucson makes birding easier since there is so much biodiversity and the weather is great! We love our D80 but then, we loved our Nikon FG also. I do hope you get to visit Tucson sometime and see some of these amazing birds. I am new here, so they are new for me. I have no idea how many species I have added to my life list since moving here. Once I finish adding all my data into eBird it will be easy to tell, but I have years of records. It's going to take some time.

Island Rambler, thanks for visiting me also. You have a nice Blog. I look forward to visiting it again. I just discovered it the other night. Thanks for adding me to your favorites list.

Larry, Larry, you started this. It will be fun to see how it all turns out. You have the advantage of the forests and the coast. I have the proximity to Mexico and a wide variety of habitats, but time is always an issue. Anyway, I am having fun. I hope you are also, which is really the point, isn't it?