Friday, January 4, 2008

Evening Owl

I’ve named the owl Piper because it lives in the pipe. The best info from Audubon says to leave it be and let nature teach it not to nest in drainage pipes. So, I will enjoy my owl as long as I can. I saw Piper again tonight while walking the dog and I tried once again to snap a picture. This is the best I could get with this camera. Hopefully Piper will still be there in the morning when Gus can snap a shot with his new Nikon D80.

We had a beautiful sunset tonight, and my little camera had no trouble capturing the beauty of the desert sky in winter. It was 73 today and it will be in the low 70’s again tomorrow but then a “winter” storm comes in and the temperature will drop to the 50’s with rain expected on Sunday.

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Amy said...

What a wonderful little owl! Lucky you!