Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Bird

In reading other Birding Blogs today I came to realize that I sorely neglected to note my first bird of 2008! At first I thought it might be a house finch, as that bird is most common around my yard, but under further consideration I think it may have been a Costa’s hummingbird. I base this on the fact that the first thing I do in the morning is open my kitchen shades and the first one I open is over the kitchen sink, which is nearest my teapot. On this window hangs my nectar feeder and almost every morning when I open the shade there is a hummingbird drinking its morning nectar. So, to all you other birders out there, I am claiming a Costa’s hummingbird as my first bird of 2008. However, as soon as I opened the patio curtain I saw house finches, lesser goldfinches, mourning doves and house sparrows. Throughout the rest of the day we were visited by Stumpy, the cactus wren, rock wrens, Curved-billed thrashers (which ate from the suet even though Gus was out there grilling hotdogs), Gila woodpeckers, and the ever amusing and amazing roadrunner. It should be a fine year for birding in 2008!

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