Monday, January 28, 2008

What Made Me Smile

Sometimes it only takes a little thing, a simple thing, to make me smile. I like the unexpected things the best, serendipitous things that happen in a day. This morning I got up and started my usual routine of opening shutters, feeding the animals, and fixing my tea. We had a stormy weekend with rain all day Sunday, so this morning the roads are damp and the sky is full of cloud ships. A virtual chorus of birds is singing outside the windows and while my idealistic mind likes to imagine they are saying “How great it is to be alive!”, in reality its probably more like, “Get away from that seed. It’s mine!”

It was while all these thing are happening that the unexpected happens. Now don’t get too excited because it really is a small thing, but it made me smile. As I said, I was making my morning cup of tea. Since the teapot is empty, I have to refill it with water. I grab my glass four-cup measure from the cupboard and put it under the refrigerator spigot to get filtered water. When I press against the bar to start the water’s flow, a light comes on. No big deal. But then I look down, and there dancing on the floor is a flickering star of light. It seems to be full of energy. It seems to be alive! Instantly I think of Tinkerbelle and the little sprite is calling me back to childhood. “Don’t go away! Stay here and play!” the light says to me while dancing on my tiled floor. A smile spreads across my face. I feel it as it creeps up to my ears. I know my eyes are twinkling, but only Tinkerbelle sees this.

Of course there is no fairy. Of course it’s just the light from the refrigerator refracting through the glass stirred up by the motion of the filling water, but I live in a world full of wonder where little things make me smile. Often it is the sight of the daily birds that visit my yard, but today it is the light of fairy dancing on tile while I fill my measuring cup with water for tea which I am now drinking as I sit here and write. Not a bad way to start the day, don’t you think?

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